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Larry Lubarsky

Specialty: Sales, Leadership, Vision

Larry Lubarsky is an eCommerce entrepreneur and 8 figure Amazon seller.

From Brooklyn NY, Larry started an Amazon business through a small loan from a friend and with hardwork and talent turned that into a multi-million dollar Amazon wholesale business.

In 2016 he started documenting his journey on social media, giving people a behind that scenes look at what it really takes to run a successful business on Amazon.

A child of immigrants, Larry was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

At 16 Larry dropped out of high school and spent the next 15 years “working for the man” in the financial services industry.

After hitting rock bottom in 2012 and accumulating over 6 figures in debt, he had finally had enough and decided it was time for a change.

Taking on a small business loan from a friend Larry started an e-commerce business on Amazon.

Finally finding his true passion after all these years, he worked day & night and turned that small loan into a massive business doing over 8 figures in annual revenue.

In 2017 Larry started documenting his day to day business on social media @WatchMeAmazon where he gives followers a behind the scenes look at an Amazon business, and helps others get started down the e-commerce path.