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Michael Edward

Specialty:Stock Trader/Entrepreneur

Michael’s love for the stock market began with a Portfolio Management course in college. He began his college studies as an Accounting major but quickly made the switch to Finance after getting a taste for asset management.

Michael applied for 30 hedge fund positions after graduation, but only received one offer. Thus, his trading career began in New York City as an equities and options trader for a fund with approximately $450M under management. In 2008, the year of the financial crisis and stock market crash, Michael received a Trader of the Year Award.

Between 2008-2009, the hedge fund industry was nearly cut in half. Michael’s fund closed in 2009 and he found himself back at square one. Unable to land another hedge fund job, Michael did what he knew, he traded. Only this time, for himself and with his own money.

Michael soon realized that he did not need to land another job and started out into the world of entrepreneurship using his trading profits to fund various ventures. Michael is now a full-time trader and serial entrepreneur with businesses in online marketing, media, and infrastructure development.

Michael also runs an online educational platform,, that teaches the every day person how to become a consistently profitable trader. His passion for trading is the foundation for his success and is now on a mission to help as many people achieve financial freedom through trading as possible.